Before printing out and submitting an application,
read the Show and Application Guidelines for the show
you are applying for.

If you have not shown with Dixie Green Promotions before, three
photographs of product and one of your booth must be submitted

with your application. Products or booths not meeting quality standards
or show requirements may be denied without prejudice.

Cave Creek 2017/2018 New Years Frontier Town  Dec. 30,31, Jan. 1
Cave Creek Frontier Town 2018: Jan. 26-28, Feb. 16-18, Mar. 23-25
Cave Creek- UNadv Shows Frontier Town    2017: Nov. 17-19; Dec. 1-3, 22-24
2018: Jan. 5-7, 12-14, 19-21; Feb. 2-4, 9-11; 16-18; Apr. 20-22, 27-29; May. 4-6, 11-13, 18-20

Cave Creek Easter Frontier Town   2018: Mar. 30 - Apr. 1
Cave Creek Frontier Town "Wild West Days" (Nov. 3-5, 2017)
Cave Creek- Frontier Town  -NOV. 24-26, 2017 (Thanksgiving)
Cave Creek- Frontier Town  2017 Dec. 15-17 Christmas Gift Show Application  
Cave Creek Business License Application
(license required for show-must have AZ. Tax license # on application)

Flagstaff- (Memorial Day Weekend) 2017: May 27-29
Flagstaff - 2017: Aug. 5-6
Flagstaff Business License
(license required for show)

Fountain Hills Plaza Fountainside "Every Wed." FARMERS MARKET
Starts Nov. 1, 2017 thru April 25, 2018 
Fountain Hills Plaza Fountainside-Nov. 2017 & Feb. 2018 
Fountain Hills Business License Application
(license required for show)

Pinetop Charlie Clark's 2017: Sept. 2-3
"NEW APP" Venders Permit Application
(license required for show)

SunCity West/Surprise, Sundome Plaza 2018: Jan. 23-24, Mar. 20-21

Weekday Market Application

Each application may take up to 3 minutes to download on a slow dial-up connection

All applications are in Adobe PDF format and are best opened using FREE
Adobe Reader 5.0 or later software.
If you have an earlier version of Adobe Reader, these files may not download or print!
Need software to read PDF files or need to upgrade your version of Adobe Reader to read these files?
Click here
... it's FREE!

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